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C odbc reference functions manual

c odbc reference functions manual

The following are third-party trademarks: Microsoft and odbc MS-DOS are registered trademarks, and odbc, Windows, Windows 95 and Windows NT are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
Shall not be liable for any incidental, direct, special or consequential reference damages whatsoever arising out of or relating to this material, even if Dharma Systems Inc.
(If it did, specify the same value here as that odbc used odbc in the -d argument.) 2 2 Configuring odbc Data Sources 17 Adding Names for odbc Data Sources You must supply the name of the data source.
H main sqlhenv env; char dsn256; char desc256; sqlsmallint dsn_ret; sqlsmallint desc_ret; sqlusmallint direction; sqlreturn ret; sqlallocHandle(SQL_handle_ENV, SQL_null_handle, env reference sqlsetEnvAttr(env, SQL_attr_odbc_version, (void SQL_OV_odbc3, 0 direction SQL_fetch_first; while(SQL_succeeded(ret sqldataSources(env, direction, dsn, sizeof(dsn dsn_ret, desc, sizeof(desc desc_ret) direction SQL_fetch_next; printf s - sn dsn, desc if (ret.Applications can request this same information through the sqlgetFunctions function with a FunctionId of SQL_API_odbc3_ALL_functions.PowerBuilder manual is a registered trademark of Powersoft Corporation.Currently there are only reference two choices; SQL_OV_odbc2 (for odbc 2 behavior) and SQL_OV_odbc3 (for odbc 3 behavior).Returned Connection String The connection string returned by sqldriverConnect can be used to reconnect at a later date.D 2 Table E 1 odbc Server System Limits.Odbc Driver Conformance 3 1 20 Responses to sqlgetInfo Table 3 1 Information the odbc Driver Returns to sqlgetInfo InfoType Argument Returns Shaded rows indicate information types renamed or deprecated for odbc.0 Guaranteed execute privileges on all procedures returned by sqlprocedures Guaranteed read access. DLL Supported odbc version SQL_driver_odbc_VER Current Version of the speed odbc Driver SQL_driver_VER odbc Driver Conformance 25 Responses to sqlgetInfo InfoType Argument Returns Support for drop assertion statement Support for drop character SET statement Support for drop collation statement Support for drop domain statement Support for.
The reasons for this are: If you use SQL_driver_complete the owners driver is free to retrieve any other attributes it needs to connect in addition to those you passed.Here's an example:?php resultodbc_exec(qry, conn /returns data sleep(31 guard resultodbc_exec(qry, conn Authentication Violation"?The native error code is a code specific to the data source.This is an example utilising all arguments.The odbc SDK Desktop keygen configuration implements a single-tier odbc architecture where the odbc tool, the Dharma DataLink guard Desktop Driver, and the proprietary data all reside on the same Windows 95, Windows 98, or NT computer.The Add Data Source dialog box appears.H main sqlhenv env; char guide driver256; char attr256; sqlsmallint driver_ret; sqlsmallint attr_ret; sqlusmallint direction; sqlreturn ret; sqlallocHandle(SQL_handle_ENV, SQL_null_handle, env sqlsetEnvAttr(env, SQL_attr_odbc_version, (void SQL_OV_odbc3, 0 codex direction SQL_fetch_first; while(SQL_succeeded(ret improve sqldrivers(env, direction, driver, sizeof(driver driver_ret, attr, sizeof(attr attr_ret) direction SQL_fetch_next; printf s - sn driver, attr if (ret.

The CatalogName argument to sqltables will accept a search pattern.
Was SQL_qualifier_name_separator) SQL_catalog_term (Renamed for odbc.0.
Sqlcolumns c odbc reference functions manual - returns the list of column names in the specified table.