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Crack in guitar neck joint

I'll guitar chime in with crack my first post on guitar the forum here.
He was guitar only asking 300, which is guitar only a little more than what the pickups and tuners alone would joint have cost brand new.Standards are no exception to this, by the way.Composite body and a half-inch thick paint job.Given the consistency that I've been able to guess what these guitars will go for crack at auction, that formula seems pretty close to accurate.Thanks for the affirmation.To be fair, the pic above was posted by the seller, and he posted it to the internet the morning before I drove out to meet him. Glossy finish water Studios generally go for a crack few more dollars than the water faded models, with the crack Wine Red going for more than other colors.
That's crack kind of why I wanted to post this here, to see how others felt about the "dividing line" crack between acceptable and unacceptable cracks.At least not for 300.It is NOT on the neck itself, but on the guitar crack body where the neck is to be screwed onto the guitar, kind of in the corner of I think what is called the neck joint.Miurasv said: The top right hand screw has been over tightened a lot.While it will never be a collector's show piece, neither is it a total waste case.My luthier and I had at the guitar I referenced above this weekend.I reckon some dumb @!

As the crack in guitar neck joint example from jpmist shows, these kinds of cracks can indicate serious problems such as cracks in the wood or misaligned neck pockets.
On the other hand, I won a 2003 Flying V Cherry Gloss gutted body for 375 you'd have to kill me to take it home with you and that idea has crossed the mind of nearly everyone who ever played it when it was done.