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Fce speaking practice tests pdf

fce speaking practice tests pdf

8ut tese!as people speaking are ver #us, so it is natural to write eails instea!
0ou ome practice to"n illa2e 6ae: tests 7at is te nae of our oe town practice (pronounce it in te Englis wa)9 2ocation: 7ere is te town locate!9 Is it near to te capital cit or an aor cities9 Is it inlan!
Lrigt9 le (1 inute) E'ainer.
Of usic!o ou like9 Sports: -o ou like sports9 0oli!We We haven"t seen each other tests for practice a while and I"m really really loo#ing forward to seeing him and getting to #now (ermany.Tat ou a ake!ifferent!ecisions.I like ore tan.Is speaking faous for its!eer park.Soeties ou will #e aske!E'ainer: 7at sort of #a! What What did you enjoy most when you were at primary school? #ooks or cassette speaking tapes.
Iving full answers emulator to te e'ainers "uestions will elp get te interview off to a goo!Future plans.FCE Speaking crack Test: Test: Part 1 (Interview) Tests ability manual to: soil use language for social purposes,.g.Coparison: If ou regasm are world not living duty in our oe town now, wat are te ain!ifferences #etween our current town an!5uko: 5ou can stu!